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Power battery products can provide both standard capacity batteries and custom designs, such as electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric low-speed cars and pure electric cars.The lithium battery power series integrates high-quality cells and highly coordinated battery management system to ensure reliability, longevity and durability of the battery.

Our products take the ternary 18650 cells as the core and can provide both standard capacity batteries
and custom designs. And now they have been widely used in electric vehicle,low-speed vehicle,
small-power autocycle and etc




Good consistency

High energy density

safe and reliable battery

Easy assembly of modules

electric vehicle

low-speed vehicle

small-power autocycle

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light and portable drive as you like drive you to travel
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Product superiority

The cell is of low internal resistance, good consistency, good heat dissipation, long cycle life at high temperature, and leading performance parameters

BMS can collect the cell and environment data accurately, and manage battery working state accurately

Reasonable planning space and optimization of integrated system of the cell arrangement

Strong vibration resistance, high safety

Excellent thermal management strategy, and excellent heating and cooling system

The application of high safety and flame retardant materials improve the safety of the battery

Cascade Utilization

A large number of vehicle power batteries can be widely used in low speed vehicles, energy storage, communication base stations and other fields after decommissioning, and still has high utilization value and economic value. Battery recycling and cascade utilization is an important step in the development of new energy automotive industry chain

mobile charging pile
and energy storage
emergency power supply
and base station
electric bicycle and Low
speed logistics vehicle


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