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Xu Lei , chairman of Yunnan Metropolitan Real Estate Development Co.Ltd (YMCI) visits Beijing Linkdata Technologies Inc to discuss cooperation issues


On the morning of December 26, 2017,Xu Lei, chairman of Yunnan Metropolitan Real Estate Development Co.Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "YMCI") and his entourage came to Beijing to discuss cooperation with Beijing Linkdata Technologies Inc. Mr.Xu exchanged and discussed the cooperation issues with Mr. Yan Zidian, chairman of Linkdata , and Mr. Matsumoto, general manager of Panasonic (china ) .

Linkdata has a vast market accumulation in the field of new energy, YMCI has a clear strategic layout and rich project experience in the field of health care, and Panasonic (China) has the world's leading technology and integration solutions. The three parties conduct an in-depth discussion on new energy and comprehensive health fields, and they will work together to promote the construction and implementation of the health pension project under the new energy field, hoping to complement each other's advantages and cooperate with each other to achieve a Win-win situation.And they will use the new energy sources to build a comprehensive health industry, contributing to the development of China's pension industry.

Linkdata has been keeping "new energy, new life" as its philosophy, working onto building a closed loop industrial chain system that integrates the battery materials, EV power systems, and intelligent home energy storage products to unremittingly create a green, ecological and cultural environment . We shoulder the mission of "Green, Environmental and Health" and will work with like-minded partners to create new life with new energy!

Yunnan Metropolitan Real Estate Development Co.Ltd (referred to as: YMCI) is a modern large-scale state-owned enterprise approved by the People's Government of Yunnan Province. It is committed to becoming an international comprehensive investment holding group with city operation as its core.

With a total assets of nearly 300 billion yuan, YMCI is the only owner of Yunnan Province double AAA credit rating and the highest international credit rating of BBB+ enterprise of the state owned enterprises in Yunnan Province. With nearly 30 wholly-owned (Holdings) Company and more than 20 shares of the company, YMCI owns the Metropolitan Real Estate Development Co.Ltd (600239), Yunnan water (06839.HK), and Raymond International (03688.HK) this 3 companies on the main board and Yi Cheng(834592) this 1 listed company on the new three board ,and its business covers city development, urban environment, tourism exhibition, medicine, hotel, bank, insurance, education, finance, Internet etc.

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